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PLANITHERM is Europe’s best selling high performance low-emissivity glass.

Incorporating the very latest advancements in thermally insulating coating technology. PLANITHERM is the UK’s leading low-E glass of choice when it comes to achieving the best possible Window Energy Ratings.

With its transparent, invisible metallic coating PLANITHERM captures free energy from natural daylight, allowing it to pass through the glass and warm the home. At the same time the coating reflects heat generated in the home back into the room, rather than allowing it to escape through windows, further contributing to the energy efficiency of the home.

Diagram of double glazed unit with Planitherm

PLANITHERM offers many additional features, which set it apart from traditional low-E products, helping to give you an added edge when selling to the discerning consumer in an increasingly competitive market.

Advantages of PLANITHERM are clear:

  • Ensures compliance with Part L of the Building Regulation for England and Wales (Part F in Northern Ireland) with all frame types, offering greater consumer choice.
  • Delivers exceptional Window Energy Rating (WER) performance thanks to the optimised balance between a very low U-value and high solar gain.
  • Can easily achieve B ratings so that windows are eligible for endorsement by the Energy Saving Trust and (subject to approval) can qualify for Energy Saving Recommended status.
  • In most cases, windows using PLANITHERM will attain the highest WERs of A or A+ when fitted with the right combination of frame, spacer and gas filled unit.


Did you know...

The thermal insulation provided by low emissivity double-glazing is 25% more efficient than that of standard double-glazing? PLANITHERM boasts one of the lowest rates of heat loss, easily complying with building regulations.

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Impressive versatility

PLANITHERM is suitable for domestic and commercial applications, in all frame types, for both new-build and replacement markets:

  • Windows and skylights
  • Conservatories and patin doors
  • Glass Facades

The PLANITHERM range is also incorporated with other leading edge Saint-Gobain Glass products to form our Glazing Options range. This flexible range of high performance glass configurations provides premium solutions for comfort, security and energy efficiency to suit every home and lifestyle.

Performance Characteristics

  • Energy savings
  • Winter comfort
  • Daylight comfort
  • Security
  • Acoustic comfort
  • UV reduction
  • Easy maintenance

Planitherm Energy Efficient Window Glass…

Free solar heat gain iconFree Solar Heat Gain

PLANITHERM uses advanced coating technology to capture free energy from natural daylight to help heat the home.

Thermal insulation iconThermal Insulation

The advanced coating refl ects heat back into the room, meaning less energy is needed to heat the home to the desired temperature.

optimal window energy ratings iconOptimal Window Energy Ratings

PLANITHERM combines with virtually any window frame to achieve a Window Energy Rating (WER) of C, which achieves compliance with Building Regulations Part L. In most cases, a window with PLANITHERM glass will achieve the highest WERs of A or A+

Haze and tint free windows iconHaze & Tint Free Windows

PLANITHERM maximises the amount of natural light into the home, without the haze or tint effects associated with older double glazed windows

Eliminate condensation iconEliminate Condensation

PLANITHERM helps to virtually eliminate internal condensation, reducing draughts and cold spots in and around the windows