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Double glazing repairs

We believe in providing the highest quality double glazing available to us and installing them using our highly skilled glaziers in and around Suffolk and Essex.

We pride ourselves on the excellent quality of work we carry out on our installations in the Ipswich, Colchester and Chelmsford areas.

Our highly experienced and professional office staff we can provide you with a quotation over the phone, if you would prefer a home visit, we will be pleased to arrange an appointment for a free quotation.

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Upgrade your windows

Eliminate condensation

PLANITHERMTOTAL helps to virtually eliminate internal condensation and reduce draughts and cold spots in and around windows, Please see our diagram below.

Diagram of double glazed unit with Planitherm

SGG Planithermtotal

Research has shown that many homeowners assume that all double glazing is equally energy efficient. In fact, there are huge differences in performance and it is the glass that makes the difference.**

SGG PLANITHERMTOTAL is a revolutionary range of high performance low-E glass products. The unique coating is the most durable of its kind and completely stable during the tempering process, making it the world’s first ‘single stock’ offline coated low-E range for use in annealed or toughened form.

Enhanced Thermal Insulation

Double glazed units incorporating SGG PLANITHERMTOTAL offer up to three times more insulation than standard double glazing and significantly better thermal insulation compared to hard coated low-E products.


  • Considerable reductions in heating bills
  • Eliminates cold areas around windows
  • Reduced condensation on the inner pane
  • Environmentally friendly solution,given the lower CO2 emissions associated with reduced energy consumption
  • Ensures compliance with Document L of the Building Regulations in England andWales for all frame types or designs via the "centre-pane U-value" option
  • SuperiorWindow Energy Rating performance thanks to the optimised balance between a very low U-value and high solar gain.
  • Neutral Appearance The SGG PLANITHERM coating is remarkably neutral in both transmission and reflection as opposed to traditional hard coated low-E products which typically suffer from a noticeable tint.

Please see our Energy Efficient Glass page
for more information.


Maintenance of windows and doors

Mr Misty ‘The Window Doctor’ doesn't only specialise in replacement double glazed units, we are also experts in maintenance of windows and doors. we can replace broken window hinges along with broken handles and 98% of window and door mechanisms. We also offer a service to replace rubber gaskets and the realignment of unlevelled frames.

Condensation on windows exampleGlass condensation

When something cold comes into contact with a warm environment,
it condensates. This is exactly what happens to your glass.

Are you fed up of wiping away
the condensation?

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Cat flaps fitted in to door double glazed glass units and PVC-u doorsCat flaps

cat flap fitted to double glazed window in doorWe can install catflaps to your double glazed units and PVC-u Panels.


example of misted window before being fixed by Mr MistyMr Misty example of repaired misted window